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The Secret Behind SM Cloud9 Whatsapp Group

Shatta Movement is one of the largest Music Brand in Africa ,which is under Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known as the African Dancehall King Shatta Wale.

Shatta Movement is a family that stands to open the unlockable doors. It is not what some people see it to be, not dirty,violence or noisy but as a movement and family for one love,peace and unity. It is a family to promote ghetto youth doing well in a chosen field,it’s a lifestyle family that wants to support young people in the ghetto from street viruse. Success is our target.

In Shatta Movement brand, every loyal guy who supports and promotes the African Dancehall King,Shatta Wale is known as a SM Soulja and a lady is also known as SM Diva.

The Branch of the brand supporting SM is large as its been formed in groups to promote the brand.

The largest and hardwork Group which is SM CLOUD9 .

The name SM Cloud 9 originated from a Hip Pop Mix Tape Shatta Wale dropped last year on his birthday and called it Cloud9 and it consist of 6 solid songs in there. So we decided to use the name Cloud9 to create a whatsapp group so that the history of Shatta Wale dropping 6 solid hip pop songs will always be remembered.

SM Cloud9 is a WhatsApp group created to bring SM fans together under one umbrella to promote, inform and disseminate information concerning Shatta Wale and Shatta Movement.

Cloud9 is the fastest growing SM whatsapp group in Africa that started operating not long ago but the kind of impact they have made so far is unprecedented.We have selected some members in Cloud9 repping almost all the regions who will represent Cloud9 in every Shatta Wale show or event.

The loyalty of members of Cloud9 is beyond human thinking. We have branded SM Cloud9 T shirt, cap, banners, and wrist band.

Shatta Wale himself has been spotted wearing branded SM Cloud9 outfit several time and more often he posted them on his Page. That alone should tell you he has recognized the impact SM CLOUD9 adding to the brand shattawale. #SMCLOUD9  hangout is around the corner and the team will soon celebrate their 1year anniversary probably in October by making some donations to the orphanage.

SM Cloud9 want to grow with Shatta Movement so they always put in measures to make sure Shatta Wale conquer the world.

Cloud 9 Simply Means A State Of Extreme Happiness…
A feeling Of well-being or elation….

SM Cloud9 has really come to stay.When we say SM Cloud9, our slogan is MORE LOYALTY. ?????

CEO Esther Buckman (SMDIVA)

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