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Moesha Boduong is taking care of needy kids after her CNN scandal

Moesha Buoduong has commenced a new foundation for needy kids and it’s totally applaudable.

Actress and Instagram model Moesha Boduong has joined the list of few celebrities who are giving back to society by establishing their own foundations.

Being a celebrity is obviously a very financially lucrative field, and often times, famous people want to give back to the community.

The voluptuous actress has started her own non-profit organization which aims at taking care of not only needy and homeless kids but autistic children as well. The foundation also seeks to increase healthcare availability for children.

The foundation is dubbed Moesha BoduongFoundation with a slogan “Every Child Matter”.

Moesha was recently in the news over some statements which didn’t go down well with the public in an interview with CNN’s  Amanpour.

All in all, I hope that more people this year start out with open minds and reduce the amount they talk about, make fun of, and judge others. Once more and more people begin to do this, it will result in a happier life for all.


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